Foundation for Christianity (Chapter 1 Excerpts)

Please enjoy some excerpts from chapter one of jerry’s book, His Eternal Plan:

There is some confusion about this question because many different varieties of people with different beliefs call themselves Christians.  Christians are people who have faith in Christ Jesus.  They are followers or disciples of Jesus Christ and His teaching.  I would like for us to think about the fact that Christianity rests upon a foundation made up of three major pillars.  The first pillar is the fact that there is a God.  There is a creator of this universe, one who sustains our lives.  He will be our future judge someday.  The second pillar of Christianity is the fact that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  It is not something written by man.  Man held the pen, but God inspired or moved the men in what they wrote. The third pillar is the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  Christians really hold firm to the belief that there is a God, that the Bible is His Word, and that Jesus Christ is His Son.

A lot of confusion is caused by evolution.  It is a theory, but it is taught as a fact.  However, if you ask the people who believe in evolution about the origin of life, they talk about a mass of matter that was moving through the universe years ago.  It exploded, they would say, and pieces went in all directions developing into different galaxies.  But where did this matter come from?  There is no answer.  But evolutionists base their whole system of understanding on this theory.

I would like for us to stop and think about this, the idea of something coming from nothing.  There is no evidence that something can come from nothing.  The Bible gives us an answer.  God is the creator.  He is the one who brought about this matter.  He is the one who created not only this planet, but also the universe.  The evolutionary theory says we are the result of a series of accidents, but the order in the universe and our bodies clearly say that this cannot be true.

Some might ask, “Is the Bible historically accurate?”  Historians around the world, modern as well as ancient, agree that the Bible is historically accurate.  Archeologists even use the Bible to locate lost cities and to know what they are looking for.

The Bible is the writing of theology, God revealing himself and his plan for us.  In most major purchases, an owner’s manual comes along with the item.  That is what God’s Word is for us.  The Bible reveals how God loves us.  The Bible shows how we can live life abundantly.  No one could have invented this information because the Bible gives us timeless truths.

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament).  Yet, it has been translated into hundreds of languages today.  Thousands of scholars throughout the centuries have made great efforts to make the Word of God available and accurate to all people.  Let me encourage you as a truth seeker to continue to be a good student of God’s Word in the language you understand, seeking the meaning of the original authors.

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